This is what you should eat after working out!

Do you remember the Anabolic Window?

The thought that if you don't eat within 30 minutes of working out, everything you trained goes down the drain.


And I used to believe this!

And this is how I used to look (left picture)

As soon as I finished my last rep, I was chugging protein powder.

Listen to this, the Anabolic Window isn't all lies.

However, instead of it being 30 minutes it's more like hours and hours.

Your body isn't going to stop absorbing nutrients at 30:01 minutes after training, so relax.

If you really want to maximize post-workout nutrition then this is what you want to be feeding your body:


  • Eat around 1/5 of your daily protein intake within 3 hours of exercise.
  • You can divide that amount to be half before workout and half after workout.
  • For me, it would be around 40g of protein in total! I’d eat 20g before and 20g after


  • Eat around 1.5g of carbs per kilogram of body weight within 3 hours of working out. You can divide this as well - half before and half after.
  • Carbs post workout increase glycogen storage.
  • Carbs are delicious


  • Avoid too much of your fat intake after working out.
  • 10g or below after working out seems like a smart strategy

Now, what you eat is up to you.

What fits in your macros?

What foods do you want to eat?

It's up to you!

Hey, even a nice high protein low-fat Subway sandwich ‍.

I'm actually craving that right now.

Listen, these tips are the tip of the iceberg.

You want to make sure to focus on what really matters☺️.

Total daily calorie and macronutrient intake.

You can eat the best most perfect postworkout meal ever in mankind...

But if you're messing up your nutrition the other hours of the day, well...

You're not getting anywhere.

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