What the Keto Diet Taught Me...

The Keto Diet taught me 3 things:

  1. When calories are matched, low carb vs high carb diets offers no different results regarding fat loss. This is a scientific fact.
  2. Most people have NO clue why they lose “weight” on the keto diet. Most weight loss is water weight. Fat loss is because they are on a calorie deficit; which you can get via a traditional diet.
  3. I love carbs and they are great for performance.

Unfortunately, people are quick to call diets the next magic pill and next unicorn.

Put simply, if you want to lose fat just be in a calorie deficit.

You don’t have to cut carbs if you don’t want to.

Choose whichever diet you can adhere to and brings you results.

Here is how I look today after years of eating carbs, strength training and enjoying a flexible dieting life.

Keep in mind, I took this picture as soon as I got off the plane from a month of vacation and eating out almost every day. Life is too short to cut out the foods you love.

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