Amplified Muscle Protocol

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Get LEAN, FIT and STRONG starting today.

I was one of those who always copied training programs from fitness influencers...

Just to realize months after, that I made NO progress.

Have you ever felt this way?

Do you feel like you go to the gym for months and never see progress?

Listen: getting the body of your dreams is NOT impossible.

It's actually very attainable.

Famous actors get in shape in a matter of months.


Because they don't do what everyone else does...

They follow a carefully crafted protocol made to build strength, power, and muscle - FAST.

You too can go from looking average to looking incredibly chiseled.

It's time to look amazing, build pounds of muscle and be astonishingly strong.

The Amplified Muscle Protocol is a carefully crafted program from years of experience and thousands of trials:

  • Contains 3 muscle building phases, structured to get you strong and lifting heavy iron.
  • You will be able to build perfect body proportions; a big back, broad shoulders, chiseled abs, and strong muscular legs.
  • You'll go to the gym with the confidence of following a mastered protocol - no more guesswork.
  • You'll be using a method of lifting only experienced people know about.
  • You'll build a muscular body you're proud of.

The Amplified Muscle Protocol contains:

  • Detailed instructions of how to progress in all your lifts.
  • Detailed videos for every exercise.
  • 90 days worth of routines designed to help you build muscle fast. 
  • A specifically structured program for a fitness model look.
  • Fat burning HIIT protocols.
  • 24/7 support.

Don't wait to start putting muscle.

Take advantage of this offer and join the thousands who are also building the body of their dreams.

Be the 1%.

Get it now.

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A must try for any gym level people

I’ve been training for a year now after my long gap. Came across this persons page. Got this workout, I loved it since day 1. I’m training on this for the third time. There’s no rush to complete - do it at I your own pace. You’ll enjoy results. Watch his videos for perfect posture, tips and guidance. Well done, Avidales!

Oh, it’s a guarantee for a burning workout 😅
Thank you for this