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The Automated Diet Method

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Learn how to NEVER DIET AGAIN, with the Automated Diet Method, in just 14 days.

No weird "gimmicks," awkward bulking phases, supplements, or having to do juice cleanses.

This is the exact same method I've taught thousands of people.

It's so simple, you can learn it in 30 minutes, implement it for 14 days, and completely change your life, to the point that you can literally modify how your physique changes without doing crazy diets...

all because it becomes automatic.

In this book, I will teach the exact same method I follow to stay lean year-round and never have to do weird diets to look good for summer.

This works perfect for both men and women.

Are you tired of never achieving the body you've always wanted?

Spending hundreds on useless supplements? Expensive groceries?

And starving doing absurd diets that never work?

Imagine going on a date and not getting dessert because you’re doing this “new diet” that doesn’t let you eat carbs😩. 

Or, having a family BBQ but you’re just eating the patty against your own will because this “new diet” doesn’t allow bread🤷🏻‍♂️.

Let me guess, you’re jumping from diet to diet without any success because everything you try is too restrictive or boring. And with time, you give in and overindulge in your favorite meals.

Seriously, I’ve been there.

 I was the person bringing a Tupperware full of tilapia and brown rice to family dinners because I thought “eating clean” was the key to my physique goals.

And just like you, I struggled for years with NO results.

Until I discovered this simple method that allows me to eat ice cream, sushi, or even burgers without GUILT. The Automated Diet Method.

You can actually keep eating the foods you love and get amazing results; not only physical but mental.

In this eBook, I teach you all the tools you need to succeed.

Not only that, but I also give you a cheat sheet, a supplement guide, and a comprehensive deep-dive into the most popular, yet useless diets, so you don’t ever fall into their traps ever again.

You can literally hack your life right this moment, and take full control of how you feel and how you look!

Grab it today and you will also unlock FREE lifetime access to every updated version of this eBook.

The Epic Nutrition Handbook is research-based and backed by over 100 scientific studies.

In this book you'll discover:

👉🏼 How to drop pounds of fat without jumping on a treadmill ever again.

👉🏼 Build muscle and get lean without sacrificing your favorite burgers, pizza or sushi.

👉🏼 How learning your macros can help you go to the gym less and get better results.

👉🏼 How I build 30+ pounds of muscle by eating Chipotle and eating out consistently.

👉🏼 How to save over $1000 in supplements. I'll tell you which ones work.

👉🏼  How the industry is lying to you: stop believing what everyone claims about metabolism - This is how you hack it.

👉🏼  The EXACT blueprint for successful fat loss & muscle gain - without any roadblocks.

👉🏼 A simple 5-minute method that will let you have a summer body all year round.

All of these claims are supported by more than 145 scientific sources, and over 7 years of experience to learn and put together.

This handbook has analyzed studies by distinguished masterminds in the fitness industry like:

  • Layne Norton Ph.D.: Layne is a knowledge powerhouse with many scientific publications, appeared in Joe Rogan's podcast, pro powerlifter, and IFPA & NGA natural professional bodybuilder.
  • Eric Helms Ph.D., CSCS: Athlete, coach, a leading scientist in many research studies, and a professional bodybuilder.
  • Alan Aragona leading fitness researcher with over 20 years of experience in the industry, has published major publications, and a continuing education provider for the Commission on Dietetic Registration and National Strength & Conditioning Association.
  • And many more 

Grab your copy at this price that will not stay for long.

*Note: This is a digital download, not a physical book*.

Some of the amazing lives changed 👇🏼:

Customer Reviews

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Honest revieww

I started with this guy’s workout book called Amplified Muscle Protocol. I already finished all the routines and I am starting over again. That’s how good it was. Now adding this to the mix, I have no doubt it will have the same effect as long as I keep consistent.

Edgar Romo
Proven to work! With the right mindset, guidebook, and COACH!

I cannot begin to break down how this book has guided me along with Coach A's instruction to better myself and my life!
I started my "cut" journey last August 2020 and since then I have lost 30 pounds with great discipline, consistency, reading, and Coach A's videos.
Honestly, this is a genuine review because the time I was looking to cut, I happen to run into Coach A's Tiktok and from there I just kept watching more and more and becoming more interested in what he had to say, I liked the fact that he debunked any MYTHS out there and promoted a no BS lifestyle and that is what sold me. I bought the handbook about 2 months after and I have made the most progress since then! All he laid out for us to do worked and I am eternally grateful!
Anyone reading this book will be glad they did and have no regrets (as long as you put the same effort he did on writing it)
Reach out to him! He is always willing to listen and provide good guidance on any topics you may have!

Cheers fit family and keep up the great work, stay sexy!!

Pascal Schimautz
Life changing book

This book changed a lot of my views about nutrition and diet.
After you read this book you have everything you need to know to reach all of your fitness goals.

Joana Cortez
This. Is. Real. Gold.

If you’ve been hesitant to buy this nutrition book, STOP HESITATING! Just do it! It’s pure gold. No crap whatsoever. And plus, it’s easy to understand. This is a truth teller Nutrition guide! For almost 9 years I was always yo-yo dieting and trying the “best new weight loss method”. I’ve done diet pills, IF, Keto, “Vegan”, military diet etc. With his tips on IG & TikTok I was able to go from a size 16 to a 14. So I had to buy the nutrition guide for a better understanding. AND I feel better than I have before mentally, emotionally AND physically! You won’t regret buying this.

Andrea Valencia

This guide is full of useful information that will keep me motivated to reach my goals by staying healthy and fit without being tied down to strict diets. THANK YOU