About Me

My name is Augusto Vidales, born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia. And no, I have not watched the Narcos series on Netflix.


I used to be very skinny…

My before picture 


In fact, that used to be my nickname, “Flaco.” In Spanish that means skinny, and everywhere I went where someone didn’t know my name, they would just yell, “hey Flaco!”


God, I hated it.


But I couldn’t change that, or I thought I couldn’t. The reason being was because throughout my life I was always into sports, mainly soccer.


A lot of soccer, running, and my well believed thought that in order to be fit, we had to “eat clean.” I couldn’t put on a miserable pound of muscle!


After finishing high school, my dream was to play collegiate soccer, and after coming to The University of Tampa I soon realized that wasn’t a possibility.


The roster was complete.


However, that first summer I went back to Cartagena, Colombia, my hometown, to relax and keep playing soccer.


That same summer I got scouted and offered to play in Brazil, an offer I couldn’t refuse. Four months later, I failed and had to go back to Colombia for a semester before I went back to Tampa.


Me and my teammate before training in Recife, Brazil 

That summer in Colombia marked me forever. There, I began looking at fitness celebrities and I was introduced to the mighty iron. Keep in mind, I went to the gym without any clue of what I was doing.


It took me years to make significant progress; I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.


Soon, I got very frustrated, and I started believing everything I read in fitness magazines, online articles, and some “gurus.”


That only made it worse.


Thankfully, I started reading scholarly journals and scientific articles regarding human performance, anatomy, muscle, and diet.


I fell in love with it – so much that when I arrived back in Tampa I partook in studies at the Human Performance Lab at The University of Tampa. Studies were done on muscle hypertrophy and diets such as the Ketogenic diet.


These experiences sparked my interest in building muscle and burning fat…


Fast forward a couple of years, and here we are; I’m posting daily content, answering questions on Quora, and Instagram messages from people all around the world. Changing lives one at the time.

 Back workout

I now have clients all over the planet – Spain, U.S., Colombia, Nicaragua, and many more.


For me, I’m just getting started – my goal is to impact the lives’ 1 million people through health and fitness. Really impact.


The eBooks and guides you will find in this website are a combination of years of hard work, proven methods, a lot of failure, and lots of love, just so that I can help you create the best VERSION OF YOU.


I want to personally congratulate you for taking this step towards making your health a priority.


Welcome to the FitFam

Me smiling at you for making this step towards a healthier life